masterclass hansa yoga with vincent bolletta on 24.08.2019

masterclass hansa yoga with vincent bolletta on 24.08.2019 2019-03-05T18:45:54+02:00
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with vincent bolletta

sa, 24.08.2019

Class description 

The Hañsa Flow® system is taught via a tiered approach where movement phrases are delivered in stages to support students learning styles. Students will learn that demonstration and appropriate language techniques are essential building blocks to presenting Hañsa Flow which gives greater movement opportunities to all students.

Using the geometrical lay out of a mandala we will explore the practice of yoga from a 3 dimensional concept that starts from understanding the inner form, or the seed that all movement arises from to its final embodiment within our physical realities.  Like any mandala we start with the basic form „the centre“ where movement is explored from developmental patterns and biological processes. We will start to uncover the meaning of our physical patterns whether habitual or consciously led, deciphering these rhythms to unravel their consequences and expose their motivations.

Integrative bio-mechanics / Hansa Therapeutic Flow Class – 07.30 am – 09.00 am 

Looking at our bodies natural bio-mechanics and reflexive patterns for efficient movement and optimising functional supportive for the lower spine.  Deconstructing common myths and stereotypes of movement and viewing the practice of yoga through a therapeutic process.

Introduction to Fundamental Touch – 09.30 am – 12.00 pm

Hansa Yoga® body work  is an important element that develops a greater understanding of the how the body functions.  It is also a tangible process that expands awareness for both the person administrating and the person receiving.  Fundamental touch assists in establishing clearer guidelines of moving the body with greater functionality and efficiency. Habitual patterns of body use is more obvious when we use touch as feed back loop,  this highlights certain actions which defines specific lines of tension that may cause dysfunction, unrhythmical experiences that agitates the nervous system, and poor muscular strategies that cause discomfort and general feeling of uneasy.

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Rehabilitative Protocols for lower back – 01.30 pm – 05.30 pm

Hansa Yoga® basic principles of rehabilitation and its application to dealing with lower back issues and pelvic.  We will cover a variety of procedures that restore function and addresses a number of conditions that determine lower and pelvic issues.

you can book the whole package (class, morning and afternoon session) or each package by itself!

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with vincent bolletta

date: sa, 24.08.2019 / Hansa Therapeutic Flow Class – 7.30 am – 9.00 am / Integrative principles – 9.30 am – 12.00 pm / Fundamental Touch & Rehab Techniques – 1.30 pm – 5.30 pm

place: studio poweryoga vienna, 1020 wien, franz hochedlingergasse 4

costs: hansa therapeutic flow class € 25,- / integrative principles € 50,- / fundamental touch & rehab techniques € 50,- // total package (class, morning and afternoon session) € 125,- / early bird (total package) € 99,- until 28.05.2019 – choose the package you like 🙂


about vincent bolletta

vincent has been teaching, and practicing yoga since 1990 and has been involved with the health and wellness industry even longer. this has led him to become new zealand’s foremost yoga instructor and teacher trainer with a wealth of knowledge in biomechanics, yoga therapy, movement therapy, and postural analysis.

vincent encompasses in his teaching private sessions, general classes, and yoga retreats. he has also worked alongside with some of new zealand’s top athletes. he spent 16 years as a presenter, educator, and yoga coach for les mills international.

vincent is also the founder of hañsa yoga a unique style that integrates eastern and western thought and methodologies to the practice of yoga. hansa yoga has developed an 800 hours yoga therapy professional training programme that supports a process of healing and awakening through principles of human fundamental movement patterns and embodiment. using this as the basis to gain greater insight into individual function as well as understanding one’s physical, mental and energetic needs. hañsa yoga is also about exploring the subtle aspects of the breath to discover the artistry of internal flow and form. vincent has also created hañsa flow a system of movement that teaches how to design and sequence a yoga practice or class that is creative, imaginative and therapeutic.

through this practice, we will unravel and engage our unique stories in a way to evoke a postural evolution that will only enhance skill and poise on all levels.

vincent has created fundamental touch a bodywork technique that has become an indispensable approach to the hañsa yoga therapeutic system, a system that has taken many years to develop and refine. fundamental touch directs the practitioner observation towards sensing the mind/body paradigm from a variety of narratives that encompasses a deeper consideration of the body’s three-dimensional relationship to space.
2019 will see vincent returning back to asia and australia to offer hañsa yoga therapy teacher training and flow intensives after a successful 2018 teaching and coaching circuit. 2020 will see for the first time a one year mentoring programme for both teachers and students. in this programme, vincent will encourage each student to progress their practice by personally guiding them through a specific sequence that caters to their needs.
vincent has a bent for creativity in all avenues of living with a particular passion for photography. while developing his own photographic skills he has also worked collaboratively with photographer marc mateo & tracy porteus on a series of yoga photographs which have been exhibited in new zealand and the usa and have also been published by yoga journal russia and china.